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it’s been over 3 weeks since i last smoked weed and i was like, man if i don’t smoke weed for the whole four months i’m here that’s okay, i’m doing hella shit and i’m not trippin about it

and then i thought about eating authentic indian food stoned and i was like well now it’s time to work on that weed hookup i’m cultivating

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This book teaches black, Afro-descendent, Afro-Latina, and/or Garifuna girls how to positively describe different hair types instead of using the term “bad hair”. Fun illustrations were created to help describe different types of hair and hairstyles. This book was created to empower little girls so they can embrace and love their beautiful natural hair. This book calls for all of us to work as equal partners to encourage our girls by using proper terminology to describe their hair which is directly linked to their essence and self-esteem.


so important!


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Screw art!



Performance, tumblr text post on screen, 2014

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Attended wedding party w/ a simple outfit hijab…love it^^ 13092014 @Puri Ardya Garini, Jaktim #instapict #instastyle #mymoment #mytime #myhijab #myworld #myactivity #myself #myday #mylife #metime #mine #hijab #hijabday #hijabparty #happyday #happysmile #party #weddingparty #puriardyagarini #jakartatimur #indonesia

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B L I N G . B L I N G . B O O M

The chiffon was an add-on to the dress, I made it to pin onto the dress so its doesn’t look as figure hugging at the back. I might make a black one so I can wear it with pants and the like… Could you see yourself doing the same??? If so I might make more of these

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They were given that tape in April. They knew the severity of the situation for months.

Even if they didn’t see that second video that’s just been released, which seems HIGHLY unlikely as the press had it and law enforcement has a good relationship with the NFL, the first video outside the elevator which was released publicly and seen by the NFL much earlier should have been enough to fire him.  He got a suspension instead, until the video Rock refers to came out.  Note too that all of a sudden sports reporters/personalities and athletes are speaking up about it when there were far less people talking about the first video, which is just as damning. 

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Fast food workers struggling for a wage of $15 an hour and the right to unionize participated in a nonviolent civil disobedience action last week. 

This is Emily Nguyen (ponytail) and Kalia Vang (visor). Emily is 20 years-old and a sophomore at Sacramento City College. She’s worked in fast food for a year and a half and makes California minimum wage ($9 an hour). She says, “I’m just working to breathe, to stay alive. I’m not really living life. We won’t stop till we meet our destination, till our wages go up.”

 Watch the emotional video of their arrest here, and be sure to support them on Facebook here!


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Yes she does, thank you for answering and for your time. But how do I deal with this when it comes to religion? How is it seen in Islam?
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sorry i missed this before but hopefully you’re still keeping an eye out for it! :((

honestly, it depends on your interpretation of islam. some people will tell you that it’s haram and unacceptable and point you to verses in the qur’an that they think outlaw queer sexuality. other people (myself included) interpret those verses differently and think that they outlaw rape, not consensual queer sexuality. even some scholars that aren’t “liberal” (i hate the dichotomy of conservative/liberal when it comes to islam but for the sake of clarity will use it here) believe that only same-sex sexual interactions are outlawed, not feelings/identity/relationships. so there is a lot of “grey area” between the many aspects of queer identity being completely haram or halal. 

here’s my view of it: for something as beautiful and affirming and life-giving and spiritual as love and being with your beloved, i can see no reason that allah would curse that. when you are with someone and you love them for the sake of allah and care for and respect them and they do the same for you, there is something divine about that connection you have with that person. i thought about this long and hard for myself as a queer person and a muslim, and at the end of the day, i could not find a shred of doubt in my heart that allah is happy when i love and am loved. the gender of who i love is such a small part of the equation. whyever would it make a difference?

you have to think and pray about it and come to your own conclusions. but just remember that allah’s love for you is unconditional. don’t let anyone tell you differently. as for other queer muslims, we’re out here and we’re talking about it and supporting each other, so please never feel like you’re alone. here is a masterpost of resources for queer muslims that i think might help you out!

salaam, love & light to you, dear one. 

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Are you Muslim?
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converted 2 years ago alhamdulillah

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If you pull me on your lap there is a 101% chance I’m going to make out with you.

i would advise you to avoid santa

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At its heart, the reality of sex work is rather dull and pedestrian. The main reason that people go into sex work is neither because of predatory gangsters, nor to indulge some uncontrollable nymphomania: It’s all about money. It’s about the need to pay your rent, put gas in your car, and buy groceries. Like becoming a waitress, a store clerk, a plumber, or a mechanic, going into sex work is driven by the economics of everyday life. If we were start to think of it as being primarily about work instead of sex, the headlines would quickly become much less sensational. “I think that media coverage needs to be less of a dichotomy between people who freely and happily choose the sex industry and people who are coerced into the sex industry,” [Audacia] Ray says. “Because there’s a vast gray area of economic circumstances in between. Economic circumstances are the reason most people enter the sex industry. I think coverage and conversations about that need to be much more complex.”